Terminal Holidays Prefix and Suffix Clarifications { Direct Link }

Terminal Holidays Dussera/Sankranthi Holidays Prefix and Suffix Clarifications in TS. Clarifications on the Absence of re-Opening day or on closing day of the school during Dussehra Holidays/Terminal Holidays in TS, Clarifications on  Dussehra Holidays / Terminal Holidays Prefixing or Suffixing Absence on the Re-opening or on Closing day of the our schools. Clarifications on Summer holidays Prefix or Suffix terminal,  Absence on the Re-opening or on Closing day of the Schools. Suffixing or prefixing the summer vacation by sanctioning the other than the casual leave to teachers, Andhra Pradesh Leave Rules of 1933.

It can be a little confusing trying to remember which terminal holidays have which prefix and suffix. Here are some examples to help: New Year’s Day is a terminal holiday with the suffix “s. Christmas is a traditional holiday with the prefix Christmas, and Easter has both the prefix “Easter” and the suffix “-passion. Happy Valentine’s Day (February 14) is not a terminal holiday, but has the prefix “happy.” Make sure you know the rules so you don’t get any surprises on your birthday (February 14) or Valentine’s Day (February 14)!

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