Ola Roadster Bike Price In India 2024 Launch Date, Mileage, Top Speed, Features, Reviews

Ola Roadster Bike- Ola displayed four of its new motorcycles, including the Roadster, which has a sleek, athletic, and futuristic appearance. Although Ola hasn’t provided us any specifics, we anticipate that all of the bikes will be focused on performance. The Roadster appears to have an inverted fork, a monoshock, disc brakes on both ends, and maybe all-LED lighting, based on what we can see. We anticipate that the Roadster would go on sale at the end of 2024 for about Rs 2.50 lakh, ex-showroom.

The fourth product has a very bizarre appearance, like a concept motorbike. Ola refers to it as the Diamondhead, and one is reminded of the Tesla Cybertruck by its angular looks. The Ola Diamondhead electric bike boasts a huge windscreen that resembles a dome, an LED headlight that spans the motorcycle’s width, and broad clip-on handlebars. When the bike is turned on, a retractable plastic cover conceals the bike’s shrouded digital display.

Ola Roadster Bike Price 2024

Ola Roadster is an electric two wheeler with a price tag of estimate Rs.2.50 Lakh.It is available in 1 variant. The most peculiar feature of this Ola electric bike is the enormous swingarm up front, which may indicate that it has a hub-centered steering system rather than a typical fork configuration. A very small number of bikes have produced this intricate configuration. This bike features a belt drive mechanism as opposed to the other bikes’ chain drives, and the fact that it has two substantial front disc brakes indicates that it will be a performance-oriented item.

No other information was provided, thus the only thing we know for sure about the Diamondhead for now is what Ola’s founder said: “This will really define the future of riding. It will be a product that defines an entire generation, and even in 10 to 20 years from now, everyone will remember it for ushering in the EV revolution in motorcycles. It will establish the global standard for supersport motorcycle racing.

Ola Roadster Bike

Ola Roadster Details 2024

Article Ola Roadster Bike Price In India 2024 Launch Date, Mileage, Top Speed, Features, Reviews
Ola Roadster Bike Launch Date November 2024
Ola Roadster Bike Price Rs.2.50 Lakh
Mileage 300 km
Category Automobile News
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About Ola Roadster 

Ola showcased four of its upcoming motorcycles, one of which is the Roadster and it looks sharp, sporty and futuristic. While Ola hasn’t given us details about it, we expect all the bikes to be performance-oriented ones. From what we can see, the Roadster seems to have an inverted fork, a monoshock, disc brakes at both ends and maybe even all-LED lighting. We think the Roadster will be launched towards the end of 2024 at a price tag of around Rs 2.50 lakh, ex-showroom.

Roadster Price

Variant Estimated Price
Ola Electric Roadster STD Rs.2,50,000 Estimated Price

Ola Roadster Bike 2024 Features

The Ola Roadster electric motorbike will be equipped with a number of characteristics, including a strong electric motor that will allow for a peak speed of about 13 km/h, making it the quickest electric motorcycle in comparison to other motorcycles in this class. On a full single charge, the Ola Roadster’s Drive Range will provide a range of about 195 kilometers.

A powerful electric motor will enable the Ola Roadster electric motorcycle to reach a top speed of roughly 13 km/h, making it the fastest electric motorcycle in contrast to other bikes in its class. its is only one of a variety of features that the Ola Roadster electric motorcycle will have. The Ola Roadster’s Drive Range offers a range of around 195 kilometers on a single full charge.

Ola Roadster Bike Price, Range & Battery 2024

Company Name Ola
Vehicle Category Electric Bike
Connectivity Bluetooth and Wifi
Ola Adventure Bike Top Speed 123 km/hr
Range 126 km
Ola Adventure Bike Price in India Rs 2.30 to 2.50 Lakh INR
Launch Date 2024
Battery 4.32 kWh

Ola Roadster Bike Top Speed

The Ola Roadster Bike Top Speed has not yet been released by the manufacturer; just its first appearance has been seen. The average peak speed of an electric bike is between 100 and 120 kilometres per hour, but the Ola Roadster Bike has the fastest top speed of all electric bikes at 188 kilometres per hour, and it also has the longest range.

However, the price of this bike is also quite exorbitant at 3.15 lakh, and when compared to that, the top speed of the Ola Roadster cycle can reach 150–160 kmph. This may be the bike’s top speed, but in order to travel at this speed, the road must be clear and empty.

Mileage Of Ola Roadster Bike 2024

This bike’s range is projected to be roughly 300 km on a single charge, and it will charge in 6-8 hours using a regular charger. So, you’ll need to know how many electric units the bike used over the night, which may be as few as 2-3 units. According to the official website of Ola Electric, the S1 Pro electric scooter has an ARAI certified range of 181 kilometres and an Ola real range of 135 kms.

Other significant features of the Ola Roadster include a fully digital speedometer, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options, LED headlamps with an auto-dimming function, advanced safety and control, and twin disc brakes in both tires. For a comfortable and trouble-free trip, the Ola Roadster also boasts a cruise control feature with an anti-lock braking system.

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Ola Roadster Bike

Ola Roadster Bike Top Speed

Name of Motorcycle Ola Roadster
Top Speed 130 KM
Connectivity Bluetooth and Wifi
Driving Range 195 KM
Front Brake Disc

Ola Roadster Specifications

Mileage 300 km
Body Type Electric Bikes

Chassis and Suspension

Body Type Electric Bikes

LED headlight

A street bike with a futuristic dual-tone look is the Ola Roadster. It includes broad handlebars, a digital instrument panel, and a low-mounted LED headlight. The Roadster has an aluminum rear sub-frame with a monoshock and an upside-down fork suspension up front. The bike has disc brakes on both ends and alloy wheels. Ola Electric unveiled a new line of S1 scooters at the Community Day event, along with futuristic ideas dubbed Diamondhead, Adventure, Roadster, and Cruiser.

As the Bengaluru-based EV firm seeks to further extend its portfolio to suit needs across all form factors and pricing ranges, each design appeals to various sets of audiences. The company has stated that future development of these zero-emission products would be greatly aided by its significant investments in research and development as well as cell production. They will all be released before the end of next year in the domestic market once pre-orders for them all have started.

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Ola Roadster Launch Date 2024

The Ola Roadster’s official debut date has not yet been announced by company officials. However, according to certain speculations and other media sources, the Ola Roadster will be introduced in November 2024. Multiple swaps and additional discounts will be available when the Ola Roadster electric motorbike is introduced at various Ola Showroom Outlets. Booking for the Ola Roadster will begin after the firm announces the precise date of debut, which is likely to be around September 2024. Although the Ola Roadster’s booking window is currently open, people are still trying to reserve one.

Ola Roadster Bike

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The Ola Roadster, slated to debut in 2024, brings a fascinating idea to the automobile industry. The Chain Drive Drivetrain used in its construction ensures a solid connection between the engine and the wheels. The bike has Dual Disc brakes up front and a Single Disc brake at the back for improved braking performance and steady stopping force. The addition of a Telescopic Fork for the front suspension and a Monoshock system for the rear suspension addresses the issue of riding comfort. The Michelin Road 6 Tyres are a standout feature, offering good grip and stability on various road conditions.

According to the sources, there will be two Ola Roadster variations, although nothing is known about them. The Ola Roadster is anticipated to be released in November 2024. Due to various taxes and fees like RTO Registration, Road Tax, and Vehicle Insurance, the ultimate pricing of the Ola Roadster are comparable. Visit the official website www.olaelectric.com for more information about the Ola Roadster Electric Motorcycle.

Ola Roadster Bike Price & performance

Around November of next year will see the unveiling of the Ola Roadster. Due to several swaps and limited-time deals, the price of the Ola Roadster electric motorbike will range from 2.30 to 2.50 lakh INR from dealership to showroom. The Ola Roadster’s current ex-showroom price, which includes all taxes and fees, is around Rs 2.50 lakhs. Due to its extensive driving range—195 KM on a single charge—the Ola Roadster offers lower travel expenses.

The Ola Roadster is a chic electric scooter that may be used by a variety of people. After the official announcement of the Ola Roadster’s debut date, reservations will open up. Ola Roadster boasts a variety of appealing features as well as a strikingly sporty and modern look. Ola Roadster’s upgraded safety features include disc brakes on both ends, giving the user a safe and secure driving experience. In contrast to current sports bikes that require substantial maintenance, the Ola Roadster will be a performance-focused bike with low maintenance costs.

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The Ola Roadster’s official debut date has not yet been announced. The Ola Roadster will reportedly be introduced in the fall of 2024, according to certain sources. The Ola Roadster’s approximately 200 KM driving range is one of its key features. Even still, some claim that the cost of the Electric Motorcycle is too high, making it difficult for middle-class consumers to get the Ola Roadster until the cost is somewhat reduced. In order to revolutionize the electric car market, Ola is currently modernizing its electric fleet.

Ola Roadster Bike Pros & Cons 2024

Are you in the market for a new bike? Look no further than the Ola Roadster Bike. With its sleek design, powerful engine, and advanced features, this bike is sure to turn heads on the road. But before you make your decision, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of this impressive machine. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of the Ola Roadster Bike, so you can make an informed choice. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a daily commuter, this blog has all the information you need to decide if the Ola Roadster Bike is right for you.

👉 Pros

Some of the pros of riding a bike on Ola Roadster Bike 2024 include:

✅  Cycling is a great way to get physical activity and improve your fitness.
✅  It is a fun and easy way to travel, and you can explore new places without having to worry about traffic.
✅  Biking can be a great way to meet new people and make new friends.
✅  You can save money by biking instead of taking public transportation or driving.
✅  Bicycling can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

👉 Cons

❌ No Information is Available

Ola Roadster Bike

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Compare Roadster with Alternatives 2024

AVG. EX-SHOWROOM PRICE 2.50 Lakh 1.62 Lakh onwards 1.74 Lakh onwards 1.86 Lakh onwards 1.71 Lakh onwards 1.65 Lakh onwards
3 Reviews
233 Reviews
11 Reviews
15 Reviews
5 Reviews
26 Reviews
RANGE 150 km/charge 125 km/charge 200 km/charge 150 km/charge
BATTERY CAPACITY 3.24 KWh 5 kWh 72 V / 50 Ah 4.32 kWh 3.75 Kwh
MAX SPEED 85 kmph 80 kmph 95 kmph
WEIGHT 108 kg 144 kg

Ola Roadster Reviews

Although a review of the Ola Roadster has not yet been published, the findings of a public poll that the firm performed indicate that the motorbike is not well received. According to reviews from the general public, the motorbike is excessively expensive for middle-class individuals and is not available for purchase. On the other hand, others claim that because its electric components and other electrical parts are unavailable, it would be more valuable in the mid-range bike sectors.


This Ola electric bike’s large swingarm up front, which would suggest that it has a hub-centered steering mechanism rather than a traditional fork design, is its most odd feature. This complex combination has only been generated by a very tiny number of motorcycles. This bike has two large front disc brakes, which suggests it will be a performance-oriented item. It has a belt drive mechanism as opposed to the chain drives on the other bikes.

Ola Roadster Bike FAQ’S

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is Ola two wheeler?” answer-0=”Ola S1 Pro is an electric two wheeler with a price tag of Rs.1.40 Lakh.It is available in 1 variant and 12 colours.S1 Pro takes approx 6 hours 30 minutes for a full charge and has a top speed of 116 kmph. Change Scooter. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How many OLA bikes are sold?” answer-1=”Its sales of 1,33,027 units in June 2024 are up 8 percent YoY (June 2022: 1,22,685 units) but month-on-month, this is a decline of 7.43 percent (May 2024: 1,43,708 units).” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Does Ola S1 Pro need license?” answer-2=”Yes, it is required to have a driving license to drive Ola S1 Air. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What is the mileage of Ola?” answer-3=”The range of Ola S1 Pro is 195 Km/Charge. This is the claimed ARAI mileage for all the variants of S1 Pro. ” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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