Odysse Electric VADER Price In India 2024 Launch Date, Features, Full Specification, Booking Reviews

Odysse Electric VADER- The Odysse Vader is a Commuter bike that can be bought for ₹ 1.10 Lakh. It has a 3.7 kWh battery and is offered in one variant, with the option to choose from five colors. The top speed of the Vader is 85 kmph, and it has a ground clearance of 110 mm. Both the front and rear wheels of the Vader are equipped with Disc brakes. If you’re looking for an electric motorcycle, you should consider the Odysse Electric VADER from Odysse Electric.

The Odysse Electric VADER is available in one variant and is powered by a W electric motor. The battery capacity of the Odysse Electric VADER STD model is 3.7 kWh, and it weighs 128 kg. The Vader also features Disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. You can choose to purchase the Odysse Electric VADER in Glossy Black, Fiery Red, Misty Grey, Midnight Blue, or Venom Green.

Odysse Electric VADER Price 2024

The Odysse Vader, a new electric bike with a neo-retro design, has been recently introduced by Odysse to cater specifically to the Indian market. With a maximum speed of 85 km/h, the Vader is powered by a 3kW motor. Odysse claims that the bike offers varying ranges depending on the mode chosen: 125 km in Eco mode, 105 km in Drive mode, and 90 km in Sport mode. A noteworthy feature of the Vader is its reverse mode. It takes approximately four hours to fully charge the bike’s 3.7kWh lithium-battery pack.

With a range of 125 km and a top speed of 85 km/h, the Vader is an impressive electric bike. It is equipped with a powerful 3kW motor that delivers 4.5 kW of power and generates peak torque of 170 Nm. The bike also features a user-friendly 7-inch android display that can be controlled via an App and Bluetooth connectivity. Among other notable features are ride modes, dual-disc brakes with combined braking system, IoT compatibility, and more. The Odysse Vader comes in five attractive color options: Midnight Blue, Fiery Red, Glossy Black, Venom Green, and Misty Grey.

Odysse Electric VADER

Odysse Electric VADER Details 2024

Article Odysse Electric VADER Price In India 2024 Launch Date, Features, Full Specification, Booking Reviews
Odysse Electric VADER Launch Date
Odysse Electric VADER Price  Rs. 1,09,999
210 km/charge
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Odysse Electric VADER Features

The Vader is equipped with a hub-mounted motor that has a nominal output of 3kW and a peak output of 4.5kW. It provides four different riding modes, including reverse, and can achieve a maximum speed of 85kmph. The bike’s Lithium-battery pack has a capacity of 3.7kWh and can be fully charged in approximately four hours. In terms of range, Odysse claims that the bike can travel up to 125km in Eco mode, 105km in Drive mode, and 90km in Sport mode. The Vader comes with 17-inch wheels and standard CBS (Combined Braking System), with a front disc measuring 240mm and a rear disc measuring 220mm.

Top Speed

The Vader comes with a powerful 3kW motor, enabling it to achieve a maximum speed of 85kmph. In terms of convenience, it provides 18 litres of storage capacity within its faux fuel tank. With a weight of 128kg, it is 20kg heavier than the Revolt RV400. Its 7-inch LCD console is smartphone-compatible and shows crucial details like speed, riding modes, and range readings. Moreover, it also offers information on battery temperature, music selection, call and message notifications, as well as navigation through Google Maps.

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Battery Pack

When in Eco mode, Odysse asserts that it can cover a distance of 125km, while in Drive mode the range is reduced to 105km, and in Sport mode it further decreases to 90km. The Vader also includes a reverse mode. Its Lithium-battery pack, with a capacity of 3.7kWh, can be fully charged in approximately four hours. The bike is equipped with 17-inch wheels on both the front and rear ends, and it provides a storage capacity of 18 liters. It weighs 128kg, which is 20kg more than the Revolt RV400. The braking system comprises of a front disc measuring 240mm and a rear disc measuring 220mm. Furthermore, its 7-inch TFT display allows for features such as live tracking, geo-fencing, low battery alerts, and even displays the amount of CO2 saved.


The suspension system of the bike is familiar, consisting of a telescopic fork in the front and a dual spring-loaded setup in the rear. Both the front and rear of the bike are equipped with 17-inch wheels. The front tire is a 90/90 section tire while the rear tire is larger at 140/70 section. According to Odysse, the Vader offers up to 14 liters of storage capacity. However, what sets this bike apart for many is its digital instrument display – a 7.0-inch Android unit that does not have touchscreen functionality. This display allows users to access various features such as Google maps, call notifications, and also provides information about the music being played in addition to general motorcycle-related details.

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Odysse Electric VADER Specification

The Vader has a 4bhp electric hub motor that allows it to achieve a top speed of 85kmph. This motor is connected to a 3.7kWh battery, which uses NMC prismatic cells. The battery is rated IP67 and meets AIS 156 standards. To prevent incidents of thermal runaway, the electric powertrain has several safety measures in place, such as an automatic cut-off and user alert system for overheating, cell temperature monitoring, temperature sensors for the battery, and a pressure release valve. In terms of range, depending on the chosen forward riding mode, the Vader EV has an estimated range of 90 to 125kmph.

Battery Type Li-ion
Additional Features Immobilization, Low battery Alert, Whopping 18 Litres of Storage Space, Parking Mode, Smart controller with CAN communication …Read More
Fast Charging Yes
Battery Capacity 3.7 Kwh
Range (Eco Mode) 125 km/charge

Odysse Electric VADER Launch Date & Price In india 2024

The Odysse Vader is available for Rs. 1,09,999 and can reach a maximum speed of 85 Kmph. It has a range of 125 Km and takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge. On the other hand, the PURE EV EcoDryft is priced at Rs. 1,12,999 with a top speed of 75 Kmph. It offers a range of 130 Km and requires around 6 hours to complete the charging process.


New Odysse Electric VADER is available in 5 different colours in India – Glossy Black, Fiery Red, Misty Grey, Midnight Blue and more.


The inclusion of a 3-year warranty with ODYSSE vehicles helps to lower the overall cost of owning an e-bike.

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Odysse Electric VADER

Odysse Electric VADER

Odysse Electric VADER

How to Book Odysse Electric VADER?

  • Booking this vehicle Visit Official Website.
  • Your Favorite Odysse Electric VADER should be chosen.
  • Choose your city and state before finding the nearest Odysse dealer.
  • Please enter your information so that a Odysse Electric VADER representative may contact you.
  • Pay the online reservation fee for the Odysse Electric VADER and continue with the online transaction.
  • You will get a call from team Odysse for more information after payment confirmation.

Odysse Electric VADER Rating & Reviews

Unlike the fully-faired Evoqis electric motorcycle, the Vader has a design that resembles a naked motorcycle in the 150-200cc range, like the Bajaj Pulsar. However, instead of an engine, it is equipped with an electric motor contained in a boxy enclosure. The design of the Vader is not particularly distinctive and includes features such as LED lighting, a headlamp cowl, alloy wheels, and body graphics. The purpose behind the Vader’s design is to be unobtrusive, and it comes in five paint options: midnight blue, fiery red, glossy black, venom green, and misty grey. Furthermore, the Vader offers 18-litres of storage space.

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The motorcycle’s powertrain is electric and consists of an electric motor mounted on the hub. This motor has a peak power of 4.5 kW and draws power from a lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 3.7 kWh. The battery pack is rated IP67. With a torque of up to 170 Nm, the electric motor provides enough power for the bike to reach a maximum speed of 85 kmph. Riders have the option to select from three different ride modes: Eco, Drive, and Sport. In Eco mode, the bike can cover a claimed distance of 125 km, while Drive and Sport modes reduce this range to 105 km and 90 km respectively. It takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge the battery pack. The motorcycle comes equipped with disc brakes on both ends – 240mm at the front and 220 mm at the rear. Additionally, it features a combi-braking system as well as regenerative braking technology to enhance stopping power.

Odysse Electric VADER FAQ’S

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What are the colour options of Odysse Vader?” answer-0=”Odysse Vader is available in 5 colours which are Midnight Blue, Fiery Red, Glossy Black, Venom Green and Misty Grey. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What are the key specifications of Odysse Vader?” answer-1=”Odysse Vader is an electric bike that comes with a 3000 W motor which gives a range of 125 Km, and a top speed that goes uptil 85 Kmph. It has a charging time of 4 Hrs. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Does Odysse Electric VADER need a license?” answer-2=”Yes, it is required to have a driving license to drive Odysse Electric VADER. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What is the weight of Odysse Electric VADER?” answer-3=”The weight of Odysse Electric VADER is 128 kg. ” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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