Honda SP160 VS Bajaj Pulsar P150 VS Yamaha FZ – Specs Comparison

Honda SP160 VS Bajaj Pulsar P150 VS Yamaha FZ:- Price Correlation Model Cost (Ex-showroom) Honda SP160 Rs. 1.18 lakh-Rs. 1.22 Lakh Bajaj Pulsar P150 Rs. 1.18 lakh-Rs. 1.21 Lakh Yamaha FZ Rs. 1.17 lakh, as far as pricing is concerned, each of the three competitors is comparable, but the latest Honda SP160 is a tad costlier than its top-spec model rivals. The Pulsar P150 is somewhat behind and is followed by the Yamaha FZ which is available in only one trim at a price of Rs. 1.17 lakh (ex-showroom area). Then again, both the SP160 and the Pulsar P150 offer two variations to browse through.

The local bike maker has been strengthening its setup in recent months as the volume-based segment has seen the appearance of various new cruisers and bikes. It is significant that the country’s largest bike maker is planning to launch the much-awaited new-age Karizma XMR in India on August 29, 2024. Coming back to the 2024 My Hero Style 125, it is offered in Drum and Circle variants. It is expected to be priced between Rs. 82,348 for the latter and Rs. 86,348 for the last option (both East Performance Zone, New Delhi).

Honda SP160 VS Bajaj Pulsar P150 VS Yamaha FZ 2024

Faceted cruiser Honda SP160 Bajaj Pulsar P150 Yamaha FZ Length 2,061 mm 2,055 mm 1,990 mm Width 786 mm 765 mm 780 mm Level 1,113 mm 1,060 mm 1,080 mm Wheelbase 1,347 mm 1,320 mm 1,330 mm Seat level 796 mm 785 mm 790 mm gas tank range 12 liters Talking about 15 liters 13 liters, then Honda SP160 is the biggest bike in this case. Behind it is the Yamaha FZ which lags far behind the Bajaj Pulsar P150. The highest seat level of the Honda SP160 is 796 mm while the lowest seat level of the Pulsar P150 is 785 mm.

The most notable area where the Pulsar beats its rivals is its 15-litre gas tank capacity. Hero Allure 125 launched in India at Rs. 82348 by Surendhar M – August 24, 2024 The 2024 Hero Style 125 has been made available in three paint plots namely Teco Blue Dark, Sports Red Dark and Candy Bursting Red Hero MotoCorp today launched the refreshed Excitement 125 in the domestic market. has announced. Available in the market today and available in a total of two types.

Honda SP160 VS Bajaj Pulsar P150 VS Yamaha FZ

Honda SP160 VS Bajaj Pulsar P150 VS Yamaha FZ Details 2024

Article about Honda SP160 VS Bajaj Pulsar P150 VS Yamaha FZ – Specs Comparison
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Honda SP160 VS Bajaj Pulsar P150 VS Yamaha FZ Feature

The Hero has been one of the reliably selling bikes for the brand in the workhorse space and has seen several updates as well as minor changes. The Hero Pulsar 125 gets new body illustrations as the checkered banner-like finish adds to the revved-up energy. Despite this, the general scheme remains unchanged from the old model. This includes a more advanced instrument cluster, USB charging port and Hero i3S Protected Idle Start/Stop innovation to further enhance eco-friendliness.

The new Control Center shows data like continuous mileage, low fuel indication and more. The Hero lowered the rider seat level by 8 mm, while the pillion seat level was lowered by 17 mm. The high riding stance and loose set footpegs remain. The complimentary gas tank profile and extra space for the rider to move around are believed to further enhance the comfort factor. Honda Bikes and Bikes India recently introduced the SP160 in the Indian market. The Worker Cruiser is priced in the range of Rs. 1.18 Lakh to Rs. 1.22 lakh (ex-showroom area).

Honda SP160 VS Bajaj Pulsar P150 VS Yamaha FZ

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Engine, Transmission & Performance

Powertrain Cruiser Honda SP160 Bajaj Pulsar P150 Yamaha FZ Motor Relocation 162.7cc Single Chamber Air-cooled 149.5cc Single Chamber Air-cooled 149cc Single Chamber air-cooled Power 13.2 bhp 13.8 bhp 12.4 bhp Force 14.5 Nm 13.2 Nm 13.3 Nm Transmission 5-speed 5 -Speed 5-Speed As far as powertrains are concerned, on paper the Bajaj Pulsar P150 is the most impressive bike, followed by the Honda SP160. Yamaha FZ gives better power output than Pulsar P150. Again, the SP160 gets the highest force figure at 14.5 Nm. Each of the three cruisers use a single chamber air-cooled setup mated to a 5-speed gearbox.

The Hero Charm 125 is sold in three paint schemes, which are the distinctive Teco Blue Dark, Sports Red Dark and Candy Bursting Red. In relation to the exhibition, the recognizable 125 cc single-chamber air-cooled motor is used by the refreshed Hero styling. It is BSVI Stage 2 compliant and E20 fuel tuned, and produces a maximum power output of 10.68 HP at 7,500 rpm and 10.6 Nm at 6,000 rpm. The fuel efficiency of the i3S technology is claimed to be 63 kmpl. Powered by the same 162cc air-cooled single-chamber engine, the SP 160 produces the same power output of 13.5hp and 14.6Nm.

Honda SP160 VS Bajaj Pulsar P150 VS Yamaha FZ

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LED Headlight

The bike has basic features including computerized LCD instrument console showing speed, fuel check, odometer and luggage status. It also provides assistive capabilities such as a motor turn over/stop switch and a peril switch. Fuel injected head and tail lights enhance the riding experience. Driven fog lights have been given in Honda SP160. The instrument console is an LCD unit that shows readouts, for example, fuel level, gear pointer, odometer and exhaust meter readings, mileage, speed and time.

This usually included a baggage position indicator, a clock, a distance-to-exit readout, although the usual clear illumination was used. The bike also comes with single-channel ABS. It also gets projector operated fog lights and Drove tail lights with bulb-type turn signals. USB charging port is also available in the bike . It additionally gets running lights, the tail light has a sleek M-shaped plan like the SP125. Tail light is on yet marker bulbs are on. The bike also has motor shut off and hazard light switches.

Honda SP160 VS Bajaj Pulsar P150 VS Yamaha FZ

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Braking & Suspension

Suspension setup includes a flexible fork and a monoshock. The Honda SP160 gets 276 mm front and 220 mm rear petal circle brake plan for the double plate variety and 130 mm back drum brake for the single plate variety along with single-channel ABS. It has ground level of 796 mm, ground clearance of 177 mm and gas tank capacity of 12 litres. Single load is 139 kgs and 141 kgs for the single circle and double plate varieties. The energetic Suburban gets 80 mm wide front and 130 mm wide rear tire with 17 inch wheels on two closers. Suspension uses an adjustable fork and a monoshock. For slow speeds, the twofold plate rendition gets a 276mm front circle and 220mm back circle, while the single circle variant gets a 130mm rear drum brake with single-channel ABS.

Under investigation, the Honda Unicorn is expected to feature 240mm front circle and 130mm rear drum brake. The SP160 has a seat height of 796 mm and ground clearance of 177 mm. The Pulsar P150 uses a monoshock with 37 mm adjustable forks. Brakes include a 260mm front plate and a 230mm circle/130mm drum brake at the rear, depending on the variation you choose. The single circle variation runs on 80/100-17(F) and 100/90-17(R) setups, while the dual plate variation comes with 90/90-17(F) and 110/80-17(R) . Setup The new Pulsar bike comes with a USB charger, 790mm tall seat, and gets 165mm ground clearance along with a 14-litre gas tank. It weighs 140 kg, which is 10 kg lighter than the Pulsar 150 (twin plate variant seen).

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The Bajaj Pulsar P150 is a facelifted version of the popular Pulsar 150, which is based on the second leg of the Pulsar 250 twins. It also has accessories status indicator, clock, distance-to-discharge marker apart from the usual data. The bike also gets single channel ABS as standard. The Pulsar P150 is fueled by another 149.68cc motor that produces 14.5PS and 13.5Nm, 0.5 PS and 0.25Nm more than the established Pulsar 150. The factory uses a 5-speed transmission. Honda has launched its latest dynamic suburban bike, the SP160 at Rs 1,17,500 (ex-display area). It is available in two types: Single Plate and Twofold Circle.

Honda SP160 VS Bajaj Pulsar P150 VS Yamaha FZ FAQ’S

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Is Pulsar P150 discontinued?” answer-0=”Bajaj has decided to stop producing the Pulsar 150 after a wonderful ride spanning more than 20 years. Given that Bajaj has introduced the replacement Pulsar P150 in November 2022, it was unavoidable. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What is the top speed of Pulsar P150?” answer-1=”Bajaj Pulsar P150 top speed is 115 kmph (real top speed figure). ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What is the bore and stroke of Bajaj P150?” answer-2=”This air-cooled engine uses the same 56 x 60.7 bore x stroke ratio as the old Pulsar 150, but with the new architecture seen in the N160.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Is Pulsar P150 good for long rides?” answer-3=”The Pulsar 150 offers a good range for long journeys thanks to its 15-litre fuel tank. The motorbike has tubeless tires. The single-piece seat provides a pleasant ride for both the rider and the pillion. ” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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