Giorgia Meloni Biography: (PM) Net Worth, Political Career, Early Life, Age, Height, Family, Husband

Giorgia Meloni Biography: Giorgia Meloni made a remarkable display of her success in the 2022 general elections in Italy and made history as she achieved the milestone of becoming Italy’s first female Prime Minister. In the near future, she will assume the position currently held by Prime Minister Mario Draghi. Undoubtedly, this is a significant victory for Giorgia Meloni and her political party, ‘Brothers of Italy’, as multiple sources report that her party secured approximately 25 percent of the votes.

Giorgia Meloni Biography

Giorgia Meloni, an Italian journalist and politician, has been a member of the Chamber of Deputies in Italy since 2006. In addition to her role as a member of parliament, she has also been the leader of the political party ‘Brothers of Italy’ since 2014. Furthermore, she assumed the position of President of the European Conservatives and Reformists Party in 2020.

“Italians have entrusted us with a relevant responsibility, and it will be our task to not let them down and to make our best to restore the nation`s dignity and pride,” Giorgia Meloni said. “We will aim at unifying and at highlighting what can bring us close, not what divides us,” Giorgia Meloni further added.

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