Batukamma and Dasara Holidays to TS schools In 2024 {Release Date}

Batukamma and Dasara Holidays – Batukamma and Dasara Holidays to TS Schools 2024 and DSE Instructions: Instructions have been issue by the Telangana School Education Department on 1st Term Holidays on Occasion of Batukamma TS, Dasara Holidays to TS Schools or Dussehra Holidays to TS Schools of. DSE Telangana, Strict implementation of Academic Calendar and Private schools to be closed in the Dasara holidays in TS. SCERT, Telangana issued instructions for implementation of Academic Calendar and Strict implementation of academic calendar and the observation of 1st term holidays (Dasara holidays) in all that schools under State Government i.e., Government and Private Aided Schools in TS.

There’s no dearth of Telangana state government schools observing Dasara and Batukamma festivals this year. The Telangana State Education Department has already constituted an observing committee at all the government high schools and plans to celebrate the festivals with pomp and splendour. The committee members have been directed to take care of all the rituals like decoration of pandals, organising cultural programmes, etc. in a gratifying spirit.

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