Ather to launch three new electric scooters on 11 August

Ather to launch three new electric scooters:- Ather Energy has introduced not one but three new bikes in its range: one 450S and two 450X. Although the names remain unchanged, the X trim is currently available in two trims with different batteries and highlights. Ather has launched three new electric bikes in India. The new line-up includes two revised versions of the older model, the Ather 450S and the Ather 450X. The new Ather 450S bike will take on the Ola S1 Air and will be priced higher than the top-end Ather 450X. The price range of new bikes starts from Rs.1.30 Lakh to Rs.1.68 Lakh. The updated Ather 450X also integrates all the upgrades found on the 450S.

The latest mysteries of the ether are making a splash through the entirety of web-based entertainment. According to Raj, he will launch not 1, 2 but 3 new electric bikes. Ather calls it the new scope of the 450 series. What these 3 new bikes will be, it has not been revealed yet. Assuming we need to find out, there could be a 450S, which will rival the Ola S1 Air. There could be another 450X Gen 4 to rival the S1 Ace. By launching the Ather 3 new bike, the Indian electric versatility startup is known to surprise the crowd on such occasions. The occasion of Aether’s People’s Group Day is a demonstration of that. The new ‘Twist Through’ program on Friday will feature renowned professional comedian Jose Covaco, more commonly known as Hosey.

Ather to launch three new electric scooters Price 2024

Ather 450S is priced at Rs. However, the price of 450X (2.9kWh) and 450X (3.7kWh) is Rs 1,29,999. 1,38,000 and Rs. 1,44,921 (all ex-showroom areas, Bengaluru) individually. An optional Master Pack is available for additional elements. The Genius Pack is priced at Rs 14,000 for the Ather 450S, Rs 16,000 for the Ather 450X (2.9 kWh) and Rs 23,000 for the Ather 450X (3.7 kWh). Ather Energy wants to launch three new electric bikes on 11th August. This data was distributed through its virtual entertainment channels. A total of three bikes were shown in the mysterious video, and these could be the ones that will be flagged off this Friday.
The Ather 450S is directly comparable to the Ola S1 Air. The former is estimated from Rs 1.3 lakh onwards, while the latter option is available from Rs 1.1 lakh onwards (ex-showroom area) before disinvestment. If the Ather 450 decelerates to a point of more than 60 degrees, it will cut off the power supply so you can inadvertently grab the handlebars to get to it without accelerating. The Ather 450S has a maximum power output of 5.4 kW, while the two 450X setup has 6.4 kW. The maximum power result of the Ather 450S is 5.4 kW and maximum force rating is 22 Nm, while the 450X generates 6.4 kW and 26 Nm. It was sent half a month ago, yet the authority deal did not happen.

Ather to launch three new electric scooters on 11 August

Ather to launch three new electric scooters Details 2024

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Ather to launch three new electric scooters Feature

The 7-inch display gets auto-splendor and better daylight brightness. The on-board route provides 18+ directional opportunities for routing and has advanced switchgear, including a single tick counter and a joystick to interface with the bike’s presentation UI. The new Fall Safe innovation isolates the expected fall and goes to preventive lengths like removing the gas pedal after the bike hangs north of 60 degrees. It also gets a ‘crisis stop signal’ which alerts the rear occupants when the alarm goes off. Talking about the new Ather 450S, it will be equipped with a 3 kWh battery pack that will offer an IDC-confirmed 115 km range. Under the introductory offer, the pre-sponsorship price of the bike is Rs 1.30 lakh (ex-display area). Visually, the 450S will be directly compared to the entry-level Ola S1 Air in the country, which currently costs Rs 1.10 lakh (both prices, ex-display area) under the company’s base offering.

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Battery, Range & Motor

Then again, the battery pack and engine details are unlike those of the three 450 e-bikes. Ather has equipped the 450S with a 5.4kW (top power) engine paired with a 2.9kWh battery. It gets a maximum range of 115 km and a top speed of 90 kmph (same for each of the three models). Then, the 450S gets two battery options: 2.9kWh and 3.7kWh. The more modest battery is claimed to offer a range of 111 km and the larger unit a range of 150 km. Nonetheless, both are powered by the 6.4kW engine. The Ather 450S gets a 2.9 kWh battery pack, which offers an IDC range of 115 km. It can accelerate from 0 to 40 km/h in 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 90 km/h.

The organization has confirmed that the Ather Matrix quick charger enables fast charging at speeds of up to 1.5 km/min. The Ather 450S has a guaranteed range of 115 km, while the 450X has a guaranteed range of 111 km for the more modest battery rendering and 150 km for the larger battery. Ather Energy guarantees that the 450S will deliver an IDC confirmed range of 115 km on a single full charge, which is 31 km less than the 450X. A few glimpses of the latest mystery indicate more power, more power, and a more remarkable reach through online entertainment. All eyes are on the new 450S with the alleged 3 kWh battery. This new base model EV of Ather will offer 115 km IDC-guaranteed range and 90 km/h top speed. Its price is Rs. 1.3 lakh (ex-sh).

Ather to launch three new electric scooters

Ather to launch three new electric scooters

Ather to launch three new electric scooters

Braking, Handling & Suspension

Each of the three models ride on adaptive front forks and a monoshock. In the interim, the slow device consisted of a single front and rear plate with integrated and regenerative slow motion. In fact, even the tire setup is somewhat similar for the 450S and 450X modes. They ride on 12-inch combination 90/90 front and 100/80 rear tubeless tyres. New elements on the Ather 450S include a new non-contact display, which can be controlled by the new switchgear. The bike also has a fall-discover system that cuts off the power supply when the bike falls so that you can hold the handlebars to catch it without suddenly increasing speed.

The electric bikes currently run on new 12-inch MRF tyres, with an almost fatter 100/80-segment rear tyre. The front elastic continues at the same 90/90 size as before. Ather claims that the more adjusted profile in the rear tire will work on the ride and handling. They get the same adjustable fork and monoshock suspension setup as before and for stopping power the e-bike relies on a 200mm circle front and center and a 190mm plate at the rear with an integrated deceleration mechanism. The e-bike currently weighs 111.6 kg, which is 3.6 kg more than before. Pity the big battery pack and vaguely extended body aspects.

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LED Headlight

Each of the three models ride on adaptive front forks and a monoshock. In the interim, the slow device consisted of a single front and rear plate with integrated and regenerative slow motion. In fact, even the tire setup is somewhat similar for the 450S and 450X modes. They run on 12-inch combination 90/90 front and 100/80 rear tubeless tyres. New elements on the Ather 450S include a new non-contact display, which can be controlled by the new switchgear. The bike also has a fall-detect system that cuts off the power supply when the bike falls so that you can hold the handlebars to catch it without sudden acceleration.

The electric bikes currently run on new 12-inch MRF tyres, with an almost fatter 100/80-segment rear tyre. The front elastic continues at the same 90/90 size as before. Ather claims that the more adjusted profile in the rear tire will work on the ride and handling. They get the same adjustable fork and monoshock suspension setup as before and for stopping power the e-bike relies on a 200mm circle front and center and a 190mm plate at the rear with an integrated deceleration mechanism. The e-bike currently weighs 111.6 kg, which is 3.6 kg more than before. Pity the big battery pack and vaguely extended body aspects.

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Launch & Price

Like Ather 450 Plus price in Delhi is ₹1.19 Lacs (ex-showroom price) and Ather 450X price in Delhi is ₹1.69 Lacs (ex-showroom price). You can be specific about colour choices like 450 Plus has 1 colours, 450X has 1 colours.


The Ather 450 duo is offered in three colours – Space Grey, Mint Green and White.

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The Pro Pack-equipped Ather 450X comes with a 5-year/60,000km warranty for the battery pack, while the base variant gets a 3-year/30,000km warranty. Both variants come with a 3-year/30,000km warranty on the vehicle and the charger.

Waiting Time

2 months.


Expected changes for the Ather 450S include replacing the 450X-like 7-inch TFT touchscreen with a more sensible LCD unit. The 450X’s top speed of 90 km/h may remain unchanged. In addition, a somewhat less powerful engine is likely than the leading brand advertises. Ather 450S. Positioned alongside rival partners such as the Ola S1 Air and TV IQBE, for example, this new partner focuses on the marginally more affordable segment of the electric bike market. Along with the Ather 450S, the new focus of the leader Ather 450X electric bike can also be revealed at the event.

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The most recent ether mysteries are currently dominating all online entertainment. Raj claims that he would introduce not one, not two, but three new electric bikes. It is what Ather refers to as the 450 series’ new scope. It is yet unknown what the three new motorcycles will be. If we need to investigate, there may be a 450S that will compete with the Ola S1 Air. To compete with the S1 Ace, there could be another 450X Gen 4. The Indian electric versatility company is renowned for shocking the crowd on such occasions by introducing the Ather 3 new cycle. A manifestation of such is the Aether’s People’s Group Day. On Friday, the brand-new “Twist Through” program will include.

Ather to launch three new electric scooters FAQ’S

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Which is better between Ola and Ather?” answer-0=”While the Ola S1 Pro costs Rs 139999 (ex-showroom) in Delhi, the Ather 450X costs Rs 137950 (ex-showroom). The Ola S1 Pro has a range of up to 181 km/charge, whilst the Ather 450X has a range of up to 165 km/charge. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Who is the CEO of Ather scooter?” answer-1=”Tarun Mehta is the Co-founder & CEO at Ather Energy . Additionally, Tarun Mehta has had 1 past job as the Deputy Manager at Ashok Leyland . ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Why did Ola Electric scooter fail? ” answer-2=”The company released a statement where it has essentially claimed ‘very high impact road accidents’ as the cause for suspension failures. In May 2022, we had reported that customers were complaining of front suspension failure in their Ola scooters.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What is the legal name of Ather?” answer-3=”With its registered office at 3rd Floor Tower D, IBC Knowledge Park, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029 and a corporate identification number (CIN) of U40100KA2013PTC093769, Ather Energy Private Limited is a private limited company that was established and is governed by Indian law. ” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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