ADMS Bravo Price In India 2024 Launch Date, Features, Full Specification, Booking Reviews

ADMS Bravo- The ADMS Bravo is an electric two-wheeler available in India at a price of Rs. 1.85 Lakh. It comes in one variant and is a popular choice for those looking to purchase an electric motorcycle. The Bravo features disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear, along with other impressive specifications.

With a powerful 3000W electric motor and a battery capacity of 3.24, this bike offers reliable performance. Its front disc brake and rear drum brake ensure effective stopping power in all weather conditions. The ADMS Bravo STD Electric bike provides an environmentally friendly option for individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying the thrill of riding on two wheels.

ADMS Bravo Price 2024

In India, the ADMS Bravo is priced at ₹1.85 Lakh when purchased from the showroom. If you are interested in knowing the on-road price in New Delhi, it will still be ₹1.85 Lakh. For those considering financing options, there are EMI plans available starting as low as ₹3,039 per month. However, this is subject to making a down payment of ₹18,500 and selecting a flexible tenure of 5 years. It is important to note that interest rates may vary depending on the chosen bank.

This tool is highly effective in allowing users to monitor the condition of their assets, anticipate potential problems before they arise, and take proactive measures to prevent costly downtime and repairs. The interface is user-friendly, ensuring easy navigation and access to crucial data. Additionally, customizable dashboards enable personalized reporting and analysis. ADMS represents a groundbreaking asset management solution that simplifies processes, enhances efficiency, and ultimately enhances an organization’s financial performance.

ADMS Bravo

ADMS Bravo Details 2024

Article ADMS Bravo Price In India 2024 Launch Date, Features, Full Specification, Booking Reviews
ADMS Bravo Launch Date
ADMS Bravo Price  Rs. 1.85 Lakh
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ADMS Bravo Features

If you are in the market for an electric motorcycle, it might be worth considering the ADMS from ADMS. This specific electric bike is available in a single version and comes with a powerful 3000W electric motor. The ADMS Bravo STD has a battery capacity of 3.24, providing ample charge for extended journeys. It is equipped with a Disc brake at the front and a Drum brake at the rear, ensuring reliable braking performance. For individuals looking for eco-friendly transportation, the ADMS Bravo is a reliable and efficient option.

Top Speed

The ADMS Bravo is a car of exceptional performance that can reach a remarkable top speed of 100 km/hr. Designed for those seeking thrills and excitement, this vehicle combines power and speed. Its sleek and aerodynamic design allows it to effortlessly cut through the air, ensuring maximum speed and maneuverability on any kind of terrain. Whether you’re driving on a busy highway or conquering rough landscapes, the ADMS Bravo offers an unmatched driving experience. Get ready for an adrenaline rush like never before as you push the limits of this extraordinary vehicle.

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Battery Capacity

The Electric bike has a battery capacity of 72 V / 45 Ah kwh, enabling it to travel a maximum distance of 90 to 150 km on one complete charge. When connected to a level 1 home charger, it takes an unspecified amount of time to reach an 80 percent charge, while a level 2 or fast charging station achieves the same in an unspecified amount of time. The Bravo STD Electric bike is a high-performance vehicle with a battery capacity of 72 V / 45 Ah kwh, enabling it to cover distances between 90 and 150 km on a full charge. Its powerful 3000W electric motor provides impressive speed and performance. Additionally, the bike’s substantial battery capacity of 3.24 ensures that you can enjoy long rides without needing to recharge frequently.

Interior & Exterior

ADMS Bravo is a prime example of outstanding automotive design, presenting an exceptional exterior and interior. The interior of the vehicle is carefully crafted using top-notch materials and great attention to detail, resulting in a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere for passengers. Each aspect of the interior, from the opulent leather seats to the stylish layout of the dashboard, is meticulously designed to provide a sophisticated and enjoyable driving experience. Equally impressive is the Bravo’s exterior, which boasts sleek lines and striking curves that give it a dynamic and sporty appearance, while still maintaining an aura of elegance and refinement.

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ADMS Bravo Specification

The ADMS Bravo is an innovative device designed to meet the needs of modern technology. Its sleek design and impressive features make it a perfect choice for both personal and professional use. The ADMS Bravo comes with a fast processor, ample storage space, and a vibrant display, ensuring smooth performance and stunning visuals. Moreover, it offers advanced security features to protect your data and privacy. Whether you are a tech enthusiast or a corporate executive, the ADMS Bravo will surely impress you with its exceptional specifications and outstanding performance.

Motor Power (w) 3000
Front Brake Disc
Rear Brake Drum
Body Type Electric Bikes

Engine and Transmission

Continuous Power 6000
Motor Power (w) 3000
Starting Push Button Start

Dimensions and Capacity

Load Carrying Capacity 300 kg

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Motor & Battery

Continious Power 6000
Drive Type Hub Motor
Battery Capacity 3.24 Kwh
Transmission Automatic


Tested Range 90 – 150 km/charge


Brakes Front Disc
Brakes Rear Drum
Wheels Type Alloy

ADMS Bravo Launch Date & Price In India 2024

The launch date for the ADMS Bravo is set for 2024. This electric bike has a starting price of Rs 1.85 Lakh (ex-showroom).


ADMS Bravo

ADMS Bravo

ADMS Bravo

How to Book ADMS Bravo?

  • Booking this vehicle Visit Official Website.
  • Your Favorite ADMS Bravo should be chosen.
  • Choose your city and state before finding the nearest ADMS dealer.
  • Please enter your information so that a ADMS Bravo representative may contact you.
  • Pay the online reservation fee for the ADMS Bravo and continue with the online transaction.
  • You will get a call from team ADMS for more information after payment confirmation.

ADMS Bravo Rating & Reviews

Discover all the important details about the ADMS Electric Bravo Bike, including its average mileage, engine displacement, fuel tank capacity, weight, tyre size, charging time, battery, and more. You can find this information on our website. Additionally, please take a look at the price and customer reviews of ADMS EV Bikes below for further guidance. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the exterior design, from the sleek grille to the aerodynamic body shape. Whether it is parked on the street or cruising down the highway, the ADMS Bravo is certain to attract attention and leave a lasting impression.

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ADMS Bravo is an advanced and strong system that offers various benefits for businesses. It simplifies asset management, enhances efficiency, and improves productivity by incorporating advanced features and a user-friendly interface. With the capability to monitor assets in real-time, it provides accurate and up-to-date data, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their resources. The reporting choices can be customized to provide valuable information on asset performance and maintenance needs, allowing proactive measures to be taken. Furthermore, the integration with current systems is seamless, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal interruption to daily operations.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is the price of ADMS Bravo? ” answer-0=”ADMS Bravo price start at Rs. 1.85 Lakh (Ex-Showroom).” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What is the battery capacity of ADMS Bravo?” answer-1=”Battery Capacity of ADMS Bravo is 3.24 Kwh. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Does ADMS Bravo need a license?” answer-2=”Yes, it is required to have a driving license to drive ADMS Bravo. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What is the maximum speed of ADMS Bravo?” answer-3=”ADMS Bravo is maximum speed is 90 km/hr.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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